Biggest STREET RACE in U.S. History
Cash Days

2017 Cash Days! Real Deal Street Outlaws

1320 Video does it again making the Discovery Channel look like amateur's. This is the real deal with names like, Big Chief, Murder Nova, Kye Kelley, JJ Da Boss, The Bird Boys, Shane (Black Bird Vega), John Doe, Swamp Thing, Derek and the Silver Unit, Monza, Kamikaze and the Elco, the Mistress, Reaper SS, Doc and the Street Beast, Daddy Dave and more..

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Bald Eagles Screaming

Cleetus's Long Lost Brother - Bald Eagles

You know this Olds means business when you see a GIANT Bald Eagle tearing through the hood of the car! Take one look further and you’ll see a proud American owner sporting a Bald Eagle t-shirt... if that ain’t the most patriotic thing you’ve seen.. open the hood and you’ll find a 5.3L LS motor with big ass turbo strapped to it! NOW we’re talkin'! If this guy isn't related to Cleetus McFarland, I don't know what other toxic gene pool he could have come from!

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