Fiery Crash
Lights Out 8

Bugzilla Hits the Wall!

Bugzilla rolls 8 or 9 times, then goes over the wall. Spider man jumped into action across the trackand opened the door. Whew! Glad he's okay, but Bugzilla was a rolley polley on that pass.

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Fast Chicks Rule
Hellion TT Street Mustang

This Chick Gets Pumped About Her Win

Mellissa Urist is no stranger to racing. When she isn't helping her husband John Urist win championships, she is a full-time mom. This year she turned in her wrenches to try a little bit of racing of her own in her 1420 whp Hellion Twin Turbo, LMR shortblock, stock transmission Coyote Mustang street car.  This car has been in the 8's, but at this years  2016 All Out Call Out, the track and elevation are the great equalizer. Watch her take down a Nitrous Nova in the final run what you brung "Let It Eat" class.  

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