Time Lapse of the CrowMod Turbo Kit Install

The CrowMod Turbo Install
Cool Time Lapse Video

The Crowmod is out of the bag and getting closer to race ready!

It comes as no surprise that those 405 guys love nothing more than street cars with big ass turbos. The sport is dangerous and as risky as you can get however the thrills are unrivaled by anything else if you love cars like they do. Race after race, dollar after dollar and, unfortunately, disaster after disaster. Big Chief lost his beloved Crow a few months back to a mishap while racing but this didn't stop him and Jeff Lutz from pushing forward and getting back out on the street. The car was an obvious loss not only in the crash but also to the infamous Kye Kelley; How do you fix two problems at once? Simple...a Promod STREET CAR! Watch this cool time lapse of Lutz fabricating and installing the new twin turbo kit on the CrowMod!