3000HP Corvette gets airborne!!

You know you're having a bad day when almost driving into a lake isn't the worst part of it.

An empty airstrip, and a twin turbo monster sound like a great time?

Well, not for this Corvette owner.

This Kelly Bise Racing Corvette was trying to break through the 200mph barrier  at the WannaGOFast Texas 1/2 mile event.  The Cyber Grey C6 is powered by a 427ci engine fed by twin pro-mod 88mm rear mounted turbos. On "kill" the car will make 3,000 HP!

As you can imagine, all that power is quite a handful at high speeds. On the first pass, the driver stayed was eager to knock down that 200 mph goal, so he stayed pedal to the metal a bit too long, going off the end of the track, and almost took a dip in the lake at the end of the runway.

On it's next pass, the driver let out at the right time, but just as the chute deploys, the car goes sideways, ripping the parachute mount off. The rest you will just have to see for yourself...